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Atlantic Paso Fino
Horse Association
The Atlantic
Paso Fino Horse Association

was formed in 1971.  The Logo to the left
depicts the original seven states included:

Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia,

South Carolina, North Carolina,
Virginia and Maryland.

  As the number of Paso Fino Horses
and Owners grew, there was a need to
organize into smaller regions,
thereby forming the

Piedmont PFHA,
Mason Dixon PFHA,
 Tennessee Valley PFHA,

Gulf PFHA, Georgia PFHA,
Virginia Presidential PFHA.

Atlantic Paso Fino
Horse Association

Founding Officers Left to Right

Charles Minter, Sr.
Vice President
 Bonnie Minter
Secretary, Treasurer

Sandy Byrd.
Show Secretary
Lt. Col. James H. MacWilliam

Lt. Col. MacWilliam is the late husband of Rosalie MacWilliam

Left to right - Top Row
Charles Minter, Jr., Michael Minter, Stewart MacWilliam, Mrs. Allen Marshall,
Sylvia & Russel, Ron & Rusty Reid, Sandy Byrd (Show Secretary),
Bonnie Minter (Secretary/Treasurer), Lt. Col. James H. MacWilliam (President),
Charles Minter, (Vice President), George J. LaHood, Jr., Dr. Ray Byrd

Bottom Row
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Flowers, Sharon Flowers, Allen Marshall, Ellen Minter,
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd E. Carnright, Rosalie MacWilliam, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tate,
Ben & Shirley Nolt, Mrs. Lucky Hargrove, Mr. Cabel, Mary Minter,
Rosemary & Morris Zweig

Email:  cmintersr@triad.rr.com
Charles and Bonnie Minter

(336) 731-4540