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Charles Minter, Sr. 

Los Angeles
Equestrian Center
in Burbank, California

Magazine Article:
What Charles Didn't Tell Us

Costumes designed by:
"Styles of Distinction,"

Bonnie Minter, Owner,
created men's costumes.
Mens' vests matched Ladies' dresses which were
overlaid with black lace.  Ladies wore matching
pantaloons over voluminous skirts.  Horse's
neck ribbons matched the riders' costumes.

of Roses
Jan 1, 1987

Led by Charles Minter, Sr.
riding Bochica Tres
and Bonnie Minter riding La Ceracita

Charlie & Milda Minter,
Michael Minter, Suzy Sutton,
Danny & Stephanie Livingston,
Marilyn McArthur

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Charles Minter Sr., 2008

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Charles and Bonnie Minter

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