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Bochica Tres

Bonnie Minter Presenting
the California Championship Ribbon
With Charles Minter, Sr., and Son, Michael

1988 First Annual
Champaign Futurity Sire
Santa Barbara, California
High Point Winner - Stallion Division.
This title was earned by total scores
of Bochica Tres offspring.

Photo by Lila Foucher,

Charles Minter, Sr.
Bochica Tres
Hall of Fame Photo

Photo courtesy of Larry Williams Photography

Photo compliments of Donald Posey

Charles Minter, Sr.

Charles Minter, Sr.

Last Public Appearance
2002 PFHA National Show
Exhibited in
"A Tribute to the Past" Extravaganza
25 Years of Age

Photo by
Darlene Wolhart

Bochica Cuarto
with Charles and Bonnie Minter.

Last of Bochica Tres Offspring
at just a few days old.
Will take Bochica Tres' Place.

Michael Minter

Photo by Mendy McNeely

Email:  cmintersr@triad.rr.com
Charles and Bonnie Minter

(336) 731-4540